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Welcome to America's Treasures!


America's Treasures uncovers the stories behind the trivia questions.   Traveling all over the nation, we reveal golden nuggets of fascinating facts.  Discover the stories about America's Trivia such as….  

Home of the Cheeseburger 

Babe Ruth's Birthplace

America's Oldest City

The list is endless! 

America's Treasures is unique. It connects with your community from a grassroots level.  

 “America's Treasures” appeals to family viewership while also being of interest to history buffs, community leaders, tourists.  Our website lets you, the viewer, participate in the discovery of trivia facts and stories... keeping you involved.


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We are traveling America in search of fascinating facts!  We are uncovering treasures from every state.  We would love to have you on our search team.  So as we visit your state, you can help us discover the stories behind the trivia around you!  Just let us know about you.  Register on our site and list yourself as an expert.  You are an expert on something, right?


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Interesting Places

Babe Ruth